Tips To Follow After Your Carpets Are Cleaned

Do's and Dont's

  • Do open doors and windows. Get air circulating. Turn on air conditioner or fans.

  • Do try and stay off the carpet as much as possible until dry. If you need to walk on it be sure to wear clean rubber soled shoes or socks. No bare feet. Keep animals off until dry.

  • Do be careful when walking from damp carpet to tile floors. It is easy to slip and fall. Do not remove wet carpet signs until after carpet dries.

  • Do vacuum regularly, especially in traffic areas at least 3 to 4 times a week. (Wait until carpet has thoroughly dried at least 12-24 hours) Make sure your vacuum is maintained properly.

  • Do move furniture around in each room at least every 6 months to keep carpet from developing heavy traffic lanes and thus extending the life of your carpet.

  • Do allow furniture that has been cleaned to dry overnight before using. Also, it should be vacuumed thoroughly after dry and periodically thereafter.

  • Do turn cushions over from time to time on furniture so that one side does not get more wear or soiling than the other.

  • Do not turn on heat. Heat will only keep moisture in the air. (Air movement - not heat - is the key to carpet drying).

  • Do not place anything on the carpet while wet, as this could spot the carpet or cause it to mildew.

  • Do not wait too long to have carpets and upholstery cleaned. (Rooms you use often like a family room, dining room, etc. need cleaning every 6 months - Bedrooms can go longer - 12 months to 18 months) Furniture can go at least a year to two years depending on amount of use.

  • Remember: Proper maintenance can double the life of your carpet. The longer you wait to have carpets cleaned the more damage the soil will do the fibers and the less chance we have to restore it back close to its original condition.

  • Use your own good judgement!





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