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Your home's flooring is an investment - not only financially but for your health as well. Your flooring is one of the first impressions people may have of your home so it's important to keep your floors clean and maintained to preserve its luster and beauty.

At A1 Carpet Care, we offer a wide range of cleaning services for your carpet or specialized flooring types. Some of the cleaning services we offer include:

Health Benefits

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the cleanliness of your floors can impact the health of your family. Carpets can harbor dust mites, allergens, pet dander and other irritants that lead to asthma, allergies and other health concerns. Our floor cleaning processes can help rid your home of these harmful allergens.

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Residue Free Options

Many consumers attempt DIY methods only to learn that the soaps and chemicals used can attract more dirt while leaving behind harmful residue. That's why we offer options for all cleaning preferences and flooring types, including allergen sensitive clientele, to ensure your flooring not only looks great but also provides relief from allergens. We also offer tile cleaning, concrete polishing, wood and laminate cleaning, as well as upholstery services so you can give your home a spring clean feel any time of the year.

Carpet & Rug Repair

Do you have carpet or rug that's sustained damage? We offer carpet and rug repair services. We can expertly evaluate the damage and provide you options for the repair or replacement depending on the extent of the damage. We clean and repair all type of rugs including Oriental, Persian, wool and braided rugs using our patented rug cleaning machines.

Duct Cleaning

In addition to floor cleaning, we also offer duct cleaning. Experts recommend having your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. Our duct cleaning procedure will reduce the level of dust and allergens circulating in your home so you can breathe cleaner, healthier air throughout. One added benefit - you'll have to dust your home, less often!

Emergency Services

Flooding Disaster? Don't fret - we're here to help! We have 24/7 emergency services to vacuum up the water and we provide drying fans to quickly return your flooring to its original condition. If your floors are beyond repair, we also provide carpet and laminate flooring removal. We will also document the damage for insurance and assist you with your insurance claim.

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We know we make mistakes from time to time. We're only human. But the measure of a service company is not perfection, but rather how well it handles its mistakes. At A1 Carpet Care, Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every job.

If you need professional carpet cleaning and specialized floor care in Alhambra, CA, contact us at 800-442-5326!

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Customer Reviews from Alhambra ( 5 out of 7 reviews )

  • Alhambra, CA | March 26, 2020
  • Posted on CustomerLobby

I definitely would use them again! I would consider using A1 Carpet Care again. This was my first time trying them and they did such a great job. The technician was really great doing the work. The whole experience was excellent. As for their prices, I thought they were right int he ballpark with their competitors. I highly recommend them!

  • Alhambra, CA | April 08, 2016
  • Posted on CustomerLobby

Great service. Very professional. Oscar at A1 Carpet Care was great, he was so nice and accommodating while he was here it was very impressive. I didn't know A1 even cleaned grout but he did do the grout in the kitchen and it came out just beautiful. I actually just had them come back again today and the two guys showed up here and are going to stretch the rug and they both seemed very nice and knowledgeable about what they are doing.

  • Alhambra, CA | December 14, 2015
  • Posted on CustomerLobby

Pleased customer. id reccomend them. We had a total of four pieces done by A1 Carpet Care. Three of which came out perfectly. We had an issue with one couch that was cream colored with a bit of orange in it, that piece did have a bit of bleeding happen but to be fair they warned me before hand that that could happen. Outside of the one piece they came out looking better than they had previously. I was pleased with the overall customer service and would recommend them for upholstery. - Venessa R.

  • Alhambra, CA | June 22, 2014
  • Posted on CustomerLobby

Good Old Fashioned and Personal Experience In our experience with other companies, we thought good customer service was a thing of the past. David and Devon Maldonado have restored our trust. They provided us with a completely professional experience. They called us to let us know when they would arrive and they were on time. David explained the entire process before he began the work. Devon was very careful and thorough in setting up all the equipment. Together, they gave new life to our carpets and sectional sofa. We have recommended them to other family members. Thank you for a job very well done

  • Alhambra, CA | July 30, 2013
  • Posted on CustomerLobby

Good job A1 Carpet Care did deep cleaning on our dining room with moving the furniture around. They did a real good job. No complaints. I've used them in the past, a long time ago and found I needed them again. They seem to be reasonably priced and I remembered them doing a good job.

  • Alhambra, CA | October 31, 2012
  • Posted on CustomerLobby

Excellent service I had my carpet cleaned by David. He was on time and professional. I am very satisfied with the results. He even went one step further by bringing the "machine" inside my apartment because I said I have 2 indoor cats and needed the front door closed. Thank you A-1! Your company is A-1!

  • Alhambra, CA | October 08, 2012
  • Posted on CustomerLobby

Always cordial I have used A1 Carpet Care about six times now. They clean the carpet in my bedrooms, master bathroom, living room, and diner. I am very pleased with their service.