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Dupont Teflon™ Carpet & Upholstery Treatments

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Take pride in the appearance of your home.

After all, your home says a lot about you. Your carpet and upholstery are a crucial part of your indoor space and its color, style, condition, and cleanliness reflect upon you as an individual. It's a well-known fact that carpet in your home is a large investment and at A1 Carpet Care, we can help you protect your investment with Dupont Teflon™ to help maintain the beauty of your carpet & upholstery.

Benefits of Carpet and Fabric Protection

Carpet and fabric protection provide more resistance to soils, spots, and stains than any other protectant on the market, providing you the following benefits:

  • Increased vacuuming efficiency for greater soil removal.
  • The ability to remove common household stains. Carpet and fabrics that are unprotected can absorb spills that even your best efforts to remove them are fruitless. Carpet and fabric protection create an invisible barrier that helps keep stains from becoming a permanent part of the carpet or upholstery fiber. Even if you don’t remove these spots and stains, they are often easily removed during your next regularly scheduled cleaning.
  • Longer carpet and upholstery life because your protected carpet and upholstery will abrade less when vacuumed frequently. Not to mention, when you get professional cleaning on a regular basis, your carpet and upholstery will retain its attractive appearance much longer.

protectantOver time and with regular wear, factory-applied stain resistant treatments may experience a reduction in effectiveness. In fact, laboratory tests show that factory-applied stain resistance can be completely removed with just 200 vacuumings, without factoring in any wear or usage. However, Dupont Teflon™ protection restores your carpet's and upholstery's stain resistance to a level that exceeds your original factory protection. It's the most important thing you can do for your carpets and upholstery!

"Dupont Teflon™ carpet protectant will refresh the performance of stain resistant carpets, fortifying its ability to resist soiling and staining. With regular application of protectant on your carpets, soil and stain resistance can be maintained."

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