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Rosann V.
Torrance, CA
April 9, 2021

Technician arrived at the customers home and proceeded to clean the sofa.  There were some heavily soiled spots that required extra attention.  the end result was amazing and customer was very happy. 

Cloe H.
Pacific Palisades, CA
April 5, 2021

The technician went there and proceeded to clean the bathroom as she requested but also cleaned a laundry room. Customer was very happy with the service. 

Yasmeen W
Pomona, CA
March 22, 2021

When the technician arrived he evaluated the situation and explained to the customer that he would do his best but some areas were so heavily soiled, and they might need a second cleaning.  He cleaned the areas going over them with an extra pass and was able to remove most of the soil out of the carpet.  He further explained that carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week and cleaned every 6 months to 1 year to prevent excessive soil build up.  Customer was happy with the end results.

Shereen A
Anaheim, CA
March 15, 2021

We cleaned and sanitized a living room and 2 bedrooms.  Neutralized the pet urine and sanitized the area of concern.  Customer was happy that the odor was gone. 

Mark S
Fontana, CA
March 15, 2021


We  cleaned the requested areas making sure to address the concerns the customer had, and to make sure to do the very best job we could do. 


Joan S.
Torrance, CA
March 12, 2021

Along with pet odor removal we cleaned carpets for 4 rooms upstairs and the wood floors downstairs.

Mel K
Rolling Hills, CA
March 11, 2021


We cleaned 2 living rooms, one bed. We also sanitized one room since the customer had some health concerns.  Carpet was white and cleaned up very nicely.  Recommended cleaning every 6 months since the carpet is white to keep it looking good.White Carpet 


Jackie J
Lakewood, CA
March 10, 2021


We cleaned a living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms and a hall.  Carpet was heavily soiled and agitation was applied for a deep cleaning.  Carpets came out looking great and customer was very happy.White Carpet


Laurence B
Torrance, CA
March 9, 2021

The technician pulled the padding from the room the customer requested and then sanitized the floor and the backing of the carpet and replaced it with new padding and re-tacked the carpet back down.  He then cleaned the room.  He also repaired a hole the dog had dug next to a door in another room.replaced padding and cleaned carpet  pictures attached.

Aaron S
Ontario, CA
March 2, 2021

We cleaned all the areas that he requested making sure to go over the traffic areas several times to remove the soil.  Carpets came out great and customer was happy. 

Jana K
Los Angeles, CA
March 1, 2021


Cleaned sofas with a 2 step cleaning process followed up with a neutral PH rinsing, leaving the fabric with a soft touch.


Ingrid A
Seal Beach, CA
February 27, 2021


Our dye specialists went there and gave her a quote and help her pick out the color of green she wanted.  He then rescheduled the appointment for another day so he had all day to devote to the service.  Customer was happy with the end result and felt she had brand new carpet. 


Julie W.
Palos Verdes Estates, CA
February 3, 2021


The technician arrived and assessed the situation and set up his equipment for the cleaning.  He proceeded to clean a very large family room, living room, kitchen and hallway.  Customer was very happy with the end result. 


Jean B
Lomita, CA
January 5, 2021

Technician went out and extracted the water from the family room and stairs, pulled back the carpet and removed the padding.  He also had to set up equipment to dry the carpet out.  Once the carpet was dried the technician installed new padding re-tacked the carpet down and cleaned and sanitized all areas. 

Leah N.
Glendora, CA
November 13, 2020


Technician arrived and surveyed the situation and explained to the customer exactly what he was going to do to remove the mold and mildew from the tile and grout.  He also let her know that he would apply a sealer on it to help protect it from possible mold/mildew in the future.  Because the customer caught the problem in time the technician was able to remove all the mold/mildew.  Customer was very happy and we advised her that she should have it done at least once a year to prevent any future problems. 


John B
Monrovia, CA
November 10, 2020

Technician arrived and proceeded to clean 7 vents and the exchange.  He was able to show the customer the amount of dust that had accumulated in his vents that the customer was very surprised.  When he was finished the customer noticed a big difference. 

Anne W.
Pasadena, CA
October 2, 2020

Tech arrived and started right away on the air ducts because he could see that there was ash all over from the wild fires.  He cleaned all the vents, exchange, and he cleaned the dryer vent.  He wanted to get as much visible ash out from the house as possible before he turned his attention to the carpets and upholstery.  When he was finished with the job the customer noticed a huge difference in the air and on all of her upholstery and carpet. 

Brookshire M
Downey, CA
September 7, 2020


The technician arrived and set up his equipment making sure he kept safety in mind at all times as this was a condo unit and owners were arriving and departing all day.  He used agitation in front of the elevators for the heavily soiled areas.  He also applied Dupont Teflon on all areas to help repel permanent stains.  We recommended that they have the carpets cleaned at least once a year to maintain the appearance.  Customer was happy and said they would definitely call us once a year. 


Julie M
Burbank, CA
July 14, 2020


Technician arrived and inspected both area rugs before proceeding to make sure there were no pre existing conditions before cleaning. The technician was able to clean them on site and they came out looking great.  Customer was happy. 


Platinum Repair
Los Angeles, CA
June 20, 2020


The technician went there and was able to repair the carpet without using additional carpet


Grace M.
San Dimas, CA
June 4, 2020

Tech arrived and inspected the rugs for any rips, tears, or discoloration.  Once determined that all rugs were in goo condition technician proceeded to clean each rug.  Rugs came out beautifully and customer was extremely happy. 

Shane S
Claremont, CA
June 2, 2020


Our technician arrived and repaired the stair back to its original appearance.  While he was there he also cleaned several area rugs that were also damaged in the flood.  Customer was happy that we repaired the stair and no one could ever tell it had been damaged. 


Ken H
Newport Beach, CA
June 2, 2020


Technician arrived and cleaned what the customer requested.  There was some wear and tear in the carpet but cleaned up nicely.  Customer was happy with the results. 


Theresa M
Walnut, CA
May 7, 2020

Technician arrived and cleaned both rooms and was able to return carpet to its original condition. Customer was very pleased with the results. 

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