A1 Carpet Care Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Comment: Amazing Experience And Service

    A1 Carpet Care is a great company! I have been using them for about 10 years now. The worker who came to help me was very thorough, fast, efficient, and was able to get out every single spot on the carpet that I needed removed. The pricing for their service is more than fair. In other places, you can get double the price for quality that doesn't even compare to A1 Carpet Care. This company always delivers the best service and the staff shows such great professionalism. I would absolutely recommend them to future customers. They are great about coming to do a last minute appointment. The staff is incredibly accommodating and it is easy to schedule an appointment with them when you really need their help. I know that they will continue to do great work and I hope that other people give their service a chance. I have been very satisfied with their consistency in my time using them.
  • Overall Rating