A1 Carpet Care Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Comment: The technician made the experience outstanding and made us continue to utilize A1 Carpet Care's services.

    It's mainly the person that we use to clean our carpets that led me to give A1 Carpet Care this rating. We always ask for the same person. He's really great, and he does a really good job. He's always on time, and you can tell he works really hard to make sure he does a great job.

    Afterwards, he shows us everything, all of what he has done. To me, it shows what a good worker he is. The very first time we used A1, he came out to our house, and we've been asking for him ever since.

    Unfortunately, it looks like he's probably leaving the state soon and won't be working for them any longer. We've had other technicians come from A1 who have been fine, no complaints, but to me he was exceptional.
  • Overall Rating