A1 Carpet Care Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Comment: Phenomenal!

    I've been using A1 Carpet Care for about ten or fifteen years. The first guy I had from there for the first two times was terrible. He did not clean the carpet in the two hours he was here. My neighbors came in and said the guy had done nothing. I was hesitant to call them back, but I gave them another shot. I told Katherine to send me another guy, and she told me the previous guy that I had did not work there anymore. So for my next time, Tony cleaned the carpet in my whole house. Ninety nine percent of the time you can not please me. I am $@!#%. However, the carpet is phenomenal now. Tony was amazing. He is thorough, on time, and has a great personality. I watched him every step of the way. I told him I was going to tell him immediately if I saw anything wrong. I have a very light carpet, and now I have no complaints. Everything was excellent. I would 100% highly recommend them. They've cleaned my whole house. I am going to use Tony from now on.
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