A1 Carpet Care Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Comment: Great experience; they did the job quickly and efficiently This was our first time using A1 Carpet Care. We had them come out to clean our carpets, and they did the stairs, the three bedrooms upstairs, and a big area rug downstairs. They have very good customer service, and they were friendly. We only had them steam clean the bedrooms, and the carpets in there do look a lot better, but there are still a few stains, and we probably could have had them use the extra stain solution on those areas. We had them steam clean the stairs and put an extra stain solution on them because it is such a high traffic area, and they turned out absolutely awesome. The big area rug downstairs looks a lot better, too. I did notice after they left that in the doorways of all three bedrooms, it looks like the carpet has come up at the seam a little bit. I'm not sure if that's due to poor installation or if they were a little careless with the machines. Either way, it was a very good overall experience, and I have already recommended them to our neighbor. We would most likely use them again, and I will continue to recommend A1 Carpet Care to anyone needing a good carpet cleaning company!
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