Carpet Cleaning Service Huntington Beach

Carpeted floors are very stylish and warm additions to a house, but every homeowner knows how tedious and time-consuming they are to clean. You should vacuum every week and professionally clean them at least annually. If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning service in Huntington Beach, A1 Carpet Care will be glad to help.

Main steps in professional carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning uses specialized cleaning equipment that uses high temperature and pressure to thoroughly clean between carpet fibers. Vacuuming carpets is the first step; this removes any insoluble soil or dust particles trapped in the fibers. Tackling old food stains or grime is the next step.

Applying a preconditioning solution to eliminate any oils, starches, or grease is the next step. As these particles are acidic in nature, the alkaline conditioning solution will neutralize them. Tackling stubborn stains is the third step in the process by spot treating them.

After removing all solid particles and stains, it's time for hot water extraction, which is the most laborious part of the whole process. Hot water extraction blasts a mixture of hot water and detergent onto the carpet at high pressure to clean any remaining particles. The heat and pressure will eliminate any hardened particles or remaining stubborn stains.

Why is professional cleaning important?

Apart from vacuuming at least once a week, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year or several times a year if you have kids and pets. If you’re based in California and need a professional carpet cleaning service in Huntington Beach, we provide a full range of carpet maintenance and cleaning services.

The main benefit of professional cleaning is obviously saving time and effort. While vacuuming regularly can take care of immediate spills and messes, it doesn’t tackle unhygienic conditions that have built up over time. So, it is essential to deep clean your carpets, ideally using a professional service.

While you can try deep cleaning on your own by investing in some high-end cleaning equipment, it is a big investment to make. On top of that, most machines for private use are not as reliable or effective as professional ones. It’s simply easier and less stressful to clean carpets professionally. Also, with professional carpet maintenance, you can get other services in addition to cleaning such as carpet repair and dyeing.

How should you clean carpets regularly?

It’s not sufficient to just vacuum; you should use a carpet cleaning solution in conjunction with vacuuming as well. You can find these in either liquid or powdered form, where powders are better for immediate messes, and liquid detergents are better for more stubborn stains.

Whenever possible, you should clean stains immediately before they dry up and become stubborn. Also, try blotting instead of scrubbing stains. Scrubbing only makes matters worse by pushing the stain further into the carpet.

Is your spring-cleaning day approaching? At A1 Carpet Care, we provide a professional carpet cleaning service in Huntington Beach. Worry no more about scrubbing stubborn stains and tedious vacuuming!