Carpet Cleaning Service Los Angeles

Carpets are a haven for bacteria and microbes, so they should be maintained and cleaned regularly. If you’re based in California and looking for professional carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles, A1 Carpet Care offers all carpet maintenance services, from cleaning to repairing. We serve both residential and commercial clients.

Best tips to clean carpets at home

Regular vacuuming is essential, at least once a week for small households and more if there are kids or pets involved. You should use a carpet cleaning solution along with the vacuuming. Powdered solutions are more convenient and work a bit like dry shampoo, where you sprinkle the powder and vacuum it up after.

Though powder-based cleaners are more convenient, as you don’t have to wait for the carpets to dry, they are only effective on fresh spills and dust particles. If you have older, more stubborn stains, you will need to spot clean them using a liquid cleaning solution. Whichever form you use, ensure that it is the correct cleaner for your carpet material since it will damage it otherwise.

When you clean up fresh spills or stains, ensure that you blot rather than scrub the area. Scrubbing the area only drives the spill further into the carpet and will be harder to clean up. When you apply liquid carpet cleaners or shampoos, pay attention to the dosage needed because over-shampooing is a common mistake that can damage your carpet.

How does professional carpet cleaning work?

Different companies use different methods to deep clean carpets and cater to different clients. We are a carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles that uses a technique called hot water extraction. Hot water extraction machines heat a mixture of detergents and water, which will then blast at high pressure to dislodge any hardened particles among the fibers.

Hot water or dry extraction is a bit similar to steam cleaning, except the water isn’t heated to such a high temperature like in steam cleaning. They are both effective at deep cleaning carpets, but if you decide to do it by yourself, ensure you use the correct method for your carpet material!

We will first vacuum your carpets to remove insoluble soil or dust particles, and then apply a pre-conditioner to dissolve any fats or greases in stains. We will spot treat any stubborn stains. We will then use a hot water extraction machine to deep clean the carpets.

Why should I use professional carpet cleaning?

In certain carpet materials, the fibers are notoriously good at trapping dirt or grime. Though regular vacuuming with a carpet cleaner will get rid of most grime, dust, and stains, it won’t get rid of all.

Anything you’ve missed can spread bacteria and other microorganisms that could ultimately lead to health issues. Professional deep cleaning will clean carpets far more thoroughly and get rid of these. Contact A1 Carpet Care for a professional carpet cleaning service in Los Angeles, and we'll handle the rest!