Carpet Cleaning Service Pasadena

Since carpets collect dust and grime than other floorings, they should be cleaned regularly and professionally deep cleaned once in a while. If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning service in Pasadena, give A1 Carpet Care a call to see how we could assist. We also offer other services like upholstery and mattress cleaning.

Why you should clean carpets often

Even if you live alone and your carpets experience light soiling, you should still vacuum and clean your carpets at least once a week. This is because even small amounts of dirt or grime can spread bacteria and other microbes very quickly, thanks to the tightly-packed carpet fibers. You should always use a carpet cleaning solution along with the vacuuming, to maintain proper hygiene.

If you have multiple people in a household, that’s even more reason to clean your carpets regularly. In this case, you should aim to vacuum at least once every two or three days. Not cleaning carpets properly when there are several people or with pets, the trapped microbes like bacteria and fungi can spread diseases and allergens more quickly.

Aside from the major issue of hygiene, carpet cleaning can also extend the life of your carpets. Certain liquids can damage the carpet material and will cost you extra money and trouble if you have to repair or replace sections of damaged carpet. You should get your carpets thoroughly deep cleaned by professionals at least once a year or once every few months if you are a multi-person household.

What happens with professional carpet cleaning?

When we professionally clean your carpets, we first prep it by vacuuming. We then use an alkaline pre-conditioning solution to break down the fat in any food or drink stains. This will remove any remaining oils and greases.

The next step is spotting, where we actively target any stubborn stains on your carpet fibers. Hot water extraction is the final and most time-consuming step where we completely remove anything, from the conditioning solution and loosened up particles. We provide carpet cleaning services in Pasadena for California residents.

How should you clean carpets at home?

At home, it’s not enough to just vacuum a carpet. Vacuuming alone can remove dust and hair, but it won’t remove stains or spillage. For this, you will need to use a carpet cleaning solution, which you can buy in powder or liquid shampoo form.

Powdered carpet cleaning solutions are similar to dry shampoo; sprinkle them and let them marinate for several minutes. Allow them to absorb any grime and odors before vacuuming the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning powders are great if you’re cleaning up fresh spills or if you just have dust and grime.

For older or more stubborn stains, you’ll need to use liquid cleaners. These do, however, take longer to clean because you need to wait for the carpet to dry after cleaning.

Is it time to deep clean your carpets? Contact us, at A1 Carpet Care, if you need a carpet cleaning service in Pasadena.