Carpet Cleaning Service Torrance

In business since 1954, A1 Carpet Care is one of the pioneers in offering professional carpet cleaning service in Torrance. We also provide professional carpet, tile, wood flooring, and stone flooring installation along with rug cleaning services. 

Can I use vinegar in my carpet cleaner?

Yes, you can use vinegar as one of the ingredients in carpet cleaning. It is pretty good at removing stains like footprints, red wine, pet stains, mud, food stains, etc. But refrain from directly pouring the vinegar on your stained rug, instead make a non-toxic carpet cleaning concoction with 230ml of white vinegar, 450ml of water, 15g of salt, ten drops of aromatic oils like lavender, pine or lemon-infused oil.

Spray the solution over your rug every other day to keep it fresh and odor-free. However, vinegar cannot remove dirt, debris, or other contaminants off your carpet. For that, we recommend our carpet cleaning service in Torrance at competitive prices for immediate results.

What causes shading on carpets?

Aging and wear and tear can cause shading in your carpets. This is essentially the discolored patches that are visible after vacuuming or walking on the carpet. This variation occurs as a result of how the pile sits in your carpet with other fibers. However, this is merely a trick played by the light. If you look closely, you will see that the sides of the fiber reflect more light than the tips. 

The good news is that if you vacuum the rug or brush it in one direction, you can reverse shading. In some instances, pile reversal can occur due to regular feet traffic on the carpet in one particular direction. Over time, this lean in your carpet fibers become entrenched and irreversible even with brushing or vacuuming.

Factors to consider before buying a carpet

You have many factors to consider before choosing the right carpet for your home. Carpets can add a touch of luxury and give your home a personality. Some of the points to remember before making the purchase are:

  • Carpet Padding: Choose a carpet with a good rubber padding that offers the perfect support and cushioning effect. Absence of good padding can lead to quick wear and tear of the material. Adequate padding also insulates your home by absorbing sound. 
  • Carpet Style: Some of the commonly available carpet styles include plush, frieze, Saxony, textured, Berber, etc. Choose the carpet style based on your homes decor, wall color, family size, and utility. Buying a carpet that allows for easy upkeep and maintenance should be the priority.
  • Carpet Utility: If you are looking to carpet a low traffic area, Saxony and plush are the best solutions. On the other hand, if you want to carpet a room with high traffic, Berber is a more pliable alternative, as it is more dense and durable. Textured or frieze carpets are some other great option for areas with high foot traffic.

No matter the type of carpet you possess, we provide extensive services and cleaning. For the best carpet cleaning service in Torrance, get in touch with A1 Carpet Care today.